Basic Orgonite Information

What is Orgonite
Learn about its history and range of possible effects that it could have in your life.
Types of Orgonite
Learn about the many different standard types of Orgonite pieces.
How to use Orgonite
Learn about ways to use your Orgonite and get the most out of it. From the basic to more advanced uses.
Make your Own!
Learn how to make your own basic Orgonite Towerbusters.
Is there Fake Orgonite?
All about devices not built to Dr. Reich’s standards for accumulating Orgone Energy.
Here are some more advanced exercises for Orgonite Use.

Additional Recources

Orgonite Info – A great site to learn some basic Orgonite information and watch some instructional videos on how to make your own.

Warrior Matrix – Connect with other Orgonite enthusiasts to share photos and ideas, ask for help or check in on the latest developments.