Orgonite doesn’t have to be used just for converting ambient energy. As Orgone Energy is especially susceptible to mental manipulation, applying the mind through various exercises is an excellent way to get the most out of your Orgonite.

These exercises have the additional benefit of being able to be performed with the most rudimentary Orgonite. Nothing fancy is required. The only recommendation is to use a piece about the size of an average Towerbuster with a good metal content.

Breathing Orgone Energy

This exercise is designed to make more essential energy available for the physical body to use for all activities including healing. This exercise can be performed without Orgonite anytime, anywhere, but the addition of Orgonite will ensure that only positive energy is absorbed.

This exercise makes use of the Yogic Complete Breathe which is basically an inhale completely filling the lungs from the diaphragm to the top of the chest. For more information check here.

First make sure the area this is to be performed in has had some Orgonite in the very near vicinity for at least a couple of hours. Next continuously perform the complete breathe whilst visualising the universal supply of life energy (as it has no form, no comparatives and no physical representation this visualisation must be imagined as something alike to a field of electricity, vapor, magnetism etc. Of most importance is the belief of the energy being visualised). Visualise this energy being absorbed through the nerves in the respiratory system on the inhale. Hold a strong expectation and determination that this energy is being absorbed, and try to ‘feel’ it being absorbed.

Perform this for as long as feels necessary and comfortable. It is important to not force your breathing for certain counts as this is only distracting and makes the breath uncomfortable which will interfere with the exercise.

More to come!