What is Orgonite

What is Orgonite – A Short History

What is Orgonite? Orgonite is based on the research of Dr Wilhelm Reich, who spent years studying an omnipresent non-physical energy field which he called ‘Orgone Energy’. Orgone energy has been known by many cultures throughout the ages as Chi, Prana, Mana, Aether, Vital Force and many more. He proposed that this energy can exist in one of three states, DOR (Negative or Harmful State), OR (Neutral State) and POR (Positive Healing State).

Dr Reich built large empty chambers lined with alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials which he believed concentrated the Orgone Energy within the chamber. This was known as an Orgone Accumulator. He reported great success using this chamber as a treatment for various conditions, especially cancer.

The Orgone Accumulator was refined by Karl Welz, who used metal pieces suspended in polyester resin to create small and efficient Orgone Accumulators as components of his radionics devices. Orgonite was born when Don and Carol Croft added crystalline quartz to Welz’s formula. The quartz, when added to the Orgone Accumulating resin formula, enabled it to not only concentrate Orgone Energy, but actively convert it from DOR and OR into POR. It is believed that the piezoelectric effect created by the quartz being compressed by the resin is responsible for this effect.

This history of this energy goes back to the pre-cataclysmic civilization who it is believed referred to it as ‘Vril” and spent much time upon its study. They believed it is an ever-present force which is responsible for the manifestation of action; the power to act. It is said to exist in a certain number of different states which each serve a different purpose from the smallest action such as particle affinity to larger actions like operating complex organic structures. Through this study, exceptional abilities were developed such as contact-less healing and telepathic communication.

What Can Orgonite do for You?

Orgonite can have many effects, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The effects vary greatly depending on the individual, but some of Orgonite’s proven effects include:

•Works continuously, without the need to be cleansed or charged.
•Creates a positive, pleasant environment and cleans up negative energy.
•Provides protection against and repels malicious entities.
•Assists in the removal of energy blockages in the body.
•Help plants grow bigger, quicker and healthier.
•Promotes a happier mood and mindset.
•Protects against harmful electromagnetic pollution and radiation.
•Structures water and cleans up the environment.
•Can help calm nightmares and relieve insomnia.

This is just a snapshot of possible effects from using Orgonite. Everyone will experience something different. It is best to start using Orgonite without any large expectations, however, and simply let it do what it will for you! Or if you would like to find out how to use Orgonite to maximize it’s benefits, then skip ahead to how to use Orgonite.

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