How to use Orgonite

Orgonite doesn’t need to be used in any special way, it will automatically convert negative to positive energy wherever it is. Knowing how to use Orgonite in specialized ways will greatly enhance the experience and benefits. There are also a few tricks that can be used in order to get the most out of your Orgonite.

Move it around, make it work!

Many people report that after a period of time that their Orgonite doesn’t feel like it did when they first introduced it to the environment, and the solution is simple. Unless it is in an area that is constantly producing large amounts of negative energy, after a certain amount of time, it will have less and less negative energy in its range to convert. Moving it to a different area will give it a new source of negative energy to clean, and it will feel just as effective as when it first arrived.

Some good places to use your Orgonite:

  • Around electronics and telecommunication devices or anywhere that produces a large amount of electromagnetic pollution.
  • Inside your electric box in the home or business. Many people have reported a reduction in electricity charges by doing this.
  • In your fridge or pantry to keep your food and drinks positively charged.
  • Where any of your pets spend a lot of time, we want them to be as happy and healthy as possible!
  • Around your plants or garden. Orgonite will help your plants grow quicker, bigger and healthier.
  • In or near any source of water. Water is one of the best mediums for Orgonite, because it is always moving, the positive energy is dispersed endlessly. Orgonite also structures water.
  • In any areas designated for meditation or yoga or any similar practices. It will enhance the experience greatly.
  • Another good, but less thought of spot is the water metre, or around the pipes where water enters the property.

Other uses for Orgonite:

The place and go method is far from all Orgonite can do, however. One of the most effective ways to use it is during meditation, especially those designed to gather or manipulate energy or work with energy centers (Also see Exercises).

Here are some other ways to use Orgonite:

  • Incorporated into Radionics setups to greatly increase their effectiveness.
  • Used as a compliment to Feng Shui. This is especially effective in places of business.
  • To keep your crystals cleansed and charged.
  • With enough focus and concentration while making a piece, it can be almost permanently charged with a specific intention.

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