There are many different types of Orgonite out there. From the most basic, yet highly effective Towerbusters, to more advanced pieces with powered coils. Here are some of the most commonly encountered.

Towerbusters (TB)

Types of Orgonite 1 Tb3 Types of Orgonite

Towerbusters are the most common form of Orgonite. They are made by pouring Orgonite mixture and either a single quartz point or crushed quartz into the cavities of muffin trays. The name Towerbuster comes from their original use in the gifting movement to neutralise the DOR generated by phone towers. They are simple to make, yet highly effective which is why they are the most widely encountered form of Orgonite.
They can vary from the very basic to more advanced forms. The basic Towerbuster is made using the bare essential Orgonite mixture of aluminium filings, resin and quartz. More advanced Towerbusters contain additional ingredients like pigments, crystals, additional metals, essential oils and plant resins.

Holy Hand Grenade (HHG)

Types of Orgonite 2 Pyramid Types of Orgonite

The Holy Hand Grenade is a larger, more powerful piece than the Towerbuster. They come in many shapes but the most common is either conical (usually made using martini glasses) or pyramid. They are at least twice the size of the Towerbuster but can be much larger. A unique configuration of quartz points used which consists of one pointing directly up and four at the bottom pointing outwards in four directions separated by 90°.
A Holy Hand Grenade will only rarely be seen without additional ingredients such as crystals, multiple types of metal filings and metal powders and/or pigments. These pieces are rarely used for gifting, as Towerbusters are quite sufficient for all but the largest DOR sources. They are most commonly used as functional display pieces in homes and businesses.

Charging Plates

Types of Orgonite 3 Chargeplate Types of Orgonite

An Orgonite Charging Plate is based on the SBB Coil, which is a copper coil with an S shape in the center surrounded by a double spiral. The purpose of this coil is to direct the energy in a desired direction which is directly above the coil when the spirals are orientated clockwise. As the name suggests they are mostly found in wide flat ‘plate’ shapes so that there is a large area on top to place items to be charged with POR.

The SBB coil is not exclusively found in Charging Plates, however, it is occasionally used in other pieces such as pyramids. Common uses for the Charging Plate include making structured water, cleansing and charging crystals, and channelling energy through the hands and cleansing objects holding negative energy (i.e. cursed objects, war relics).

Cloudbuster (CB)

A Cloudbuster is a unique form of Orgonite used exclusively for projecting large amounts of POR into the atmosphere. They are a modernised form of Wilhelm Reich’s original Couldbuster which was a large mounted unit consisting of several long aluminium pipes. His theory was that desertification was caused by a build up of DOR in the atmosphere, preventing rainfall. His theory was tested when a couple of farmers offered a cash reward if he could make rain fall, which he was awarded.

Modern day Cloudbusters are much smaller in size, yet still incorporate long metal pipes as in Reich’s design. They are made by filling a small bucket or similar vessel with Orgonite mixture and usually one large quartz point. 6 long copper pipes protrude from the top, each containing an additional quartz point.

They are not exclusively for promoting healthy weather patterns anymore, but also for physically dissolving the suspicious looking aircraft discharge known as ‘Chemtrails’, seen regularly in many parts of the world.

Succor Punch (SP)/ Power Wand (PW)

Types of Orgonite 4 Sucpunch Types of Orgonite

A Succor Punch is not technically Orgonite, but is both a standalone tool and essential component for the Orgonite Power wand.

The Succor Punch is made by wrapping a long crystal point or slab (usually of quartz but can also be made from others like Selenite) in a special coil called a Mobius Coil. This consists of a piece of insulated wiring twisted until it forms a 45° angle pattern along its length. This wire length is then measured, wrapped around the crystal in a twisting, repeating pattern. A Power Wand is made by taking a quartz based Succor Punch and casting most or all of its length into an Orgonite Mixture. Mobius wrapped quartz can also be embedded into HHG shapes, especially the pyramid.

The device is used by running a 15hz current through the wire using either a Clark Zapper or dedicated circuit. When the current is run through the coil, it generates what are called Scalar Waves (See: Scalar Physics) which are basically information carrying quantum energy waves which can be programmed by thought or intention to create various results such as protection/shielding, manifestation or healing.

Other Types of Orgonite

Types of Orgonite 5 Other1 Types of Orgonite

Orgonite Pendants: These are pretty self explanatory – small Orgonite pieces with a bail or hole for wearing on a necklace.

Other Orgonite Jewellery: Orgonite can also be made into other types of jewellery such as bangles, rings and earrings.

Orgonite Zappers: This consists of a small block of Orgonite being incorporated into the standard Zapper configuration.

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