There has been a growing trend of ‘fake’ Orgone devices plaguing the market. Whether or not these sellers are aware of it or not, it casts a dark shadow over the entire Orgonite community. Fake Orgonite is usually defined as pieces which contain very little to no metal within the matrix. Such devices usually take the form of crystals suspended in resin with an image or coil or a tiny scattering of brass shavings. These pieces may look pretty, but they will have none of the positive output of true Orgonite.

The very first Orgone devices made by Dr. Reich were very strict in construction, being made of equal parts of metals and organics. This is the single most important factor which enables them to function correctly. It is the consensus of the community that Orgonite must be constructed using a 50:50 metal to resin ratio to be an effective positive energy converter.

Many of these fake devices are sold wholesale directly from the sweatshops of India, and it should be the responsibility of not only those who manufacture them but also those who resell them to represent them for what they truly are: crystal in resin decorations. It only takes a simple visual examination to distinguish a genuine Orgonite product from a misrepresented decoration.

Some examples of fake Orgonite: [1] [2] [3]

Fortunately, there are countless genuine Orgonite artists all over the world who make great devices. Here are a couple of very experienced Orgonite makers who have been around almost since the beginning and are highly recommended: OrgoniseAfrica and Orgone Crystals