General Privacy Policy

We take privacy very seriously and will take any available measures to ensure your data is safe and our policies transparent. The only information collected is related to page visits to help us better run the site. This data is anonymous and includes: date and time of request, referring link, country of origin and browser used to access the site and screen resolution. You can opt-out of this upon loading the site for the first time.

Some potentially identifying information (eg. IP address) may also be collected in certain circumstances to protect against malicious users. However, none of this data will be transferred to a third party, short of being required by law. If you are not committing malicious actions on this site, then don’t worry, no identifying information is collected about you.

This information collected is stored in our database for no more than a year in order for us to determine usage trends to improve the site. None of this information will ever be given to a third party to use, however, we do use certain services like hosting and cloud storage where your information will be stored. Secure encryption is used to ensure your data is not accessible to anybody else.

Our entire site is SSL encryption secured so all of your personal details are safe, including payment information.

Our Store Privacy Policy

By ordering from our store, certain details will be required to complete your order and provide customer service. These include but are not limited to your name, address, email address and payment details. The information we collect is required to be held for 7 years for tax purposes.

In order to complete your order, some of these details will be required to be sent to a third party for the purpose of shipping and payment processing. These currently include Australia Post, Paypal and/or Stripe. The handling of your data by these parties is subject to their own privacy policies.

We do not use any of this information for advertising or marketing unless you specifically sign up for our newsletter in the footer of the site. The only information used by our newsletter service is your email address.