Its very easy to make your own Orgonite and it is the most rewarding way to experience its benefits. While it does take practice and patience to master more complicated pieces and techniques, anyone can make simple, effective Orgonite with little or no prior experience.

Required Materials

Here’s what you will need to make your own Orgonite:

Make your Own Orgonite! 1 Resin Make your Own Orgonite!
Casting Resin – Choose a good quality Polyester or Epoxy casting resin.
Make your Own Orgonite! 2 Quartz Make your Own Orgonite!
Crystalline Quartz – Any kind of clear quartz will work, but avoid any that is ‘milky’ in appearance as this is not crystalline.
Make your Own Orgonite! 3 Al Filings Make your Own Orgonite!
Metal Filings – The most popular is aluminium but virtually any metal of small particle size can be used eg. steel, brass, copper.


  1. Mix the resin according to the manufacturers instructions. This is usually 1:1 or 2:1 for epoxy or ~2% catalyst added to polyester resin, adjusted with room temperature.
  2. Resin can be cast into virtually any shape mold, the most popular being muffin pans. Make sure the mold is fully lubricated or treated with a mold release.
  3. Pour the resin into the mold, add enough quartz to fill approximately 5 – 10% of the cavity, then fill the remaining resin with metal filings.
  4. Wait for the resin to fully cure then remove from the mold. It may require a bit of banging on the underside depending on the resin and lubricant/mold release used.
  5. Enjoy your new Orgonite!

Some tips when making Orgonite

  • Get creative and use a variety of ingredients, the possibilities are almost endless. Some examples are pigments, metal powders, printed images, wire wrapping, beads and more.
  • Add some small crystal pieces into the mix. This will ‘flavour’ the energy with any particular stones’ properties. Just be careful with adding too many.
  • Go hunting for molds to find new shapes and sizes for your Orgonite. You can use baking trays, silicon molds and candle molds, or make your own molds from mold making silicone.
  • If making a large piece, warm up your quartz and other ingredients to avoid temperature shock to the resin which can cause cracking.
  • Have a try at layering. This involves only filling the mold partially, letting it cure and pouring a second layer over the top. The amount of layers are limited only by your patience! If layering with polyester, the next layer must be poured at the precise time when the resin has semi-hardened, but not yet shrunk.
  • Try adding multiple metal types and sizes to your pieces. This will greatly enhance the energy output. The more the better!
  • The bottom edges of a new piece will most likely be sharp, it is a good idea to sand them down.
  • Have a try at gifting. This involves places your Orgonite (usually Towerbusters) around public sources of negative energy like phone towers, or anywhere that hasn’t been gifted yet, There is an abundance of negative energy that needs to be cleaned out there!

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